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Chrome Coating Surface Adhesion & Masking | Electro-Coating

Hard Chrome Surfaces: Adhesion, Masking, Grinding, Finishing. Although it is often said that the chromium layer will reproduce faithfully every defect in the base material, in actuality as the chrome deposit thickens it will level imperfections. For smooth as-is chrome plating, the basis material should be at least as smooth as the expected chrome.

Cylindrical Grinding of Hard Chrome - Practical Machinist

Cylindrical Grinding of Hard Chrome. Does anyone know a good place to find information on grinding hard chrome. I work in an industrial hard chrome plating shop, that has taken on grinding in the last 5 years. We grind all sizes of parts, plated in both heef and conventional chrome. We us a Norton grinder with 3" x 30" pink WRA-46-j8-v8 wheels.

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J&R Grinding – We specialize in grinding different ...

I.D. O.D. & surface grinding We have over 50 years of experience We specialize in grinding different materials, grinding Carbide, grinding Colmonoy, grinding Inconel, grinding Chrome

Machining Chrome - Finishing

November 19, 2012. A. I found that the best source of information is to go to tech services of at least 2 major wheel mfgrs. Factors in grinding chrome are the type of grit, the size of the grit, the resin that holds it together, the surface speed of the wheel, the surface speed of the part, the speed of the cut moving and the depth of the cut.

Cracks when grinding hard chromium plating: Problems ...

After the plating process, there are few cracks on the edges but after the grinding process there are many cracks. The chrome thickness is 0,060 mm (60 microns) on point and we remove a layer of 0,030 mm (30 microns) mm thickness during grinding process. As a solution, we make a chamfer 0,10 x45 mm on the sharp edges.

New Part Plating - Accu Chrome Plating and Grinding

Accu Chrome can apply hard chrome coating up to 0.100" thick on a variety of metal substrates, maintaining tolerances within ± 0.0002" on flat bed plating. We can plate low and high carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron, all grades of stainless steel, brass, copper and almost any other type of metal material, including heat-treated parts.

High-chrome - Duromax® | Magotteaux

Superior grinding performance High-Chrome media combining a martensitic structure with hard chrome carbides provides the optimum wear resistance against abrasion and corrosion. Our strong expertise is enabling us to select the right alloy to fit your application and minimize the costs. Steady milling conditions due to low wear rate Constant hardness of all grinding media for each alloy ...

Chrome Grinding Wheels | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

Description: . Polishing & Chrome Plating Capabilities Robotic Work Cell for Metal Polishing and Buffing Six-Axis Polishing Robot Synthetic Wheels Two-Step Indexing Machine for Production Jobs Manual/Hand Finishing, Grinding, and Buffing Finishing Additional Services: Electropolishing, New / OEM Parts, Material Selection / Design Assistance, Pickling / Chemical Deburring, Replating / Used Parts

OD Grinding Chrome-Plated Laboratory Equipment Components

OD Grinding Chrome-Plated Laboratory Equipment Components. Grinding intricate components can present a significant challenge for manufacturers, and forces grinders to consider elements that go beyond the simple act of bringing parts and tools together with the goal of removing material…

Grinding Chrome-Plated Pistons for Aircraft Landing Gear

Grinding Chrome-Plated Pistons for Aircraft Landing Gear. A new customer turned to Duval Precision Grinding for OD grinding on aircraft components after a different grinding provider had worked on the parts but failed to deliver the desired result. Our engineering team worked with the client to identify the production issues causing the problem.

Hexavalent Chromium Factsheet

operate chrome plating baths; or weld or cut metals that contain chromium, such as stainless steel. Some of the adverse health effects from hexavalent chromium exposures include nasal and sinus cancers, kidney and liver damage, nasal and skin irritation and ulceration, and eye irritation and damage.

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About Capital Chrome & Precision Grinding: Capital Chrome & Precision Grinding is located at 1510 Hickory St NE in Salem - Salem, OR - Marion County and is a business listed in the categories Metal Plating & Polishing, Machine Shops Cnc Machining, Chrome Material, Grinding Services, Metal Finishers, Machine Shops, Metal Coating, Engraving (Except Jewelry And Silverware), And Allied …

I.D. grinding chrome plating. - Practical Machinist

I.D. grinding chrome plating. A buddy at work is trying to I.D. grind .008 of chrome plating. He is only taking off .0005 at a time and he is snapping off his grinding stone. What would be the appropriate speeds, feeds, and the depth of cut to cut chrome plating. He is holding on a tapered flange, which may be a problem too. I don't know. thanks.

Chrome plating: A guide for selecting the type of chrome ...

Chrome plating is used to provide a very high degree of hardness on the surface of a metal to enhance wear resistance, reduce friction, provide anti-galling properties, and, in some cases, improve corrosion resistance. Chrome plating is an electrolytic process that can be applied to regular steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials.

Grinding problem for chrome part? - Machines & Machining ...

However, in a brief Internet search, I didn't note any CBN grinding wheels specifically recommended for Cr plating. Most hard chrome plating companies do grinding, but their websites don't mention which abrasives are used. To summarize: The conservative approach would be to continue using the types of alumina and carbide as described above.

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